About us

Our business dates back to 2004. Initially the company was a small entrepreneurial bussines , known as Elgra SBR. We had 8 years long expiriance that forced us to expand to what we are now. Over time , due to the increased workload , we expanded our company , so in November 2011. we founded Elektronet Ltd, based in Belgrade .

With the establishment of the company Elektronet Ltd we employed more staff and started with a significant investments in fixed assets and development of the company .The result of our long-term growth and development is a large number of satisfied customers who have need for our services .

Possibility of Elektronet Ltd. to offer to their associates a complete service , from design to full implementation in the field of electrical installations and electrical works, have led us to a position where a number of quality companies honored us to be part of their team.

Our business is performing electrical , telecommunication and computer installations.

Our previous experience owed to investors who were , with much confidence , engaged in business complete performing electrical high and low voltage, low voltage wiring , electrical engineering works in construction, transformer repairation 10 ( 20) / 0.4 kV.

Over time we have expanded our activities and tasks for electrical installations with the release of expert findings about their quality . With great pleasure we point out that in addition to cooperation with companies , we successfully cooperate with private individuals on projects of residential buildings . Depending on your needs and requirements , we perform the selection of appropriate equipment and installation of the same in distribution boxes.

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